Mon. Jul 15th, 2024


We respect all young people, their views and experiences.

We have a commitment to understanding technology use and its relationship with mental health.

We have a commitment to collaboration and cooperation.



  • We respect each other and ourselves.
  • We communicate with honesty and openness.
  • We trust in the work that we do and the people we work with.
  • We embrace diversity and remain open minded to new ideas.


  • We care for the mental health and wellbeing of all.
  • We listen openly and without judgment.
  • We respond as a community to individual needs.
  • We ensure that projects are properly resourced.
  • We also receive support from Steel Detailing Australia.


  • We actively engage with people in their own spaces.
  • We provide a network for people to share their ideas.
  • We collaborate to achieve a shared vision.
  • We are grounded by the personal stories of those we work with.


  • We explore new ideas to find the best solution.
  • We encourage individuality and cooperation.
  • We admire flexibility in thinking and practice.
  • We harness new technologies to maximise our reach.


  • We celebrate the power and resilience of young people.
  • We believe that young people’s voices are integral.
  • We support people to create positive change in their world.
  • We live our values in everything that we do.


Our vision, values and behaviour statements have been developed in direct collaboration with young people.

  • Working in partnership with young people, researchers, practitioners, innovators and policymakers to conduct research that helps develop and inform better services for young people.
  • Bringing together those working, involved, and engaged with young people to develop the solutions that will enhance young people’s use of technologies and improve their wellbeing.
  • Involving young people in research that matters to them and improves their lives.
  • Taking expert advice from young people about their own lives to create change.
  • Conducting research to explore the use of technologies in new and innovative ways to enhance the service offerings of youth serving organisations.
  • Up-skilling those who care for young people to better understand the role of technology in young people’s lives and its capacity to improve wellbeing.

– We receive support from: MangedBnbs Airbnb management & The Roof Doctor